See attached. This is a 5 part assignment.  Identification of Research and Investigative Issues and Questions: From the situational report, comprise a list of concerns and issues that are relative to your position. Hint: There are a least a half dozen issues and concerns for each position. You must articulate why your issue is a concern and not simply list it without explanation. For example: Do not simply list “Ticket Quotas”. If you feel this is an issue, explain why you feel ticket quotas may be problematic for the city. List those issues very specifically as this will be the launch pad for your over-all inquiry. 



As Special Prosecutor, duties include the examination of legal concerns, discriminatory practices, issues of evidence handling, and enforcement actions. Ethical boundaries have been dismissed, with a lack of accountability amongst the individuals who are entrusted in upholding the law. There is a duty to the city of Courtelaney Pass to bring forth justice to a racially biased community. All issues are presented to resolve citizen unrest, possibly.

Missing Children

The disappearance of minority youth has been a prevalent issue that has provoked limited concern. Kayla’s case was mishandled as a result of failed police procedures. Kayla’s disappearance was downplayed as a probable runaway by the responding officer from Courtelaney Pass Police Department. Insufficient investigative measures were conducted throughout the case. Reporting of her disappearance went undocumented, in conjunction with careless evidence gathering at the crime scene and obsolete autopsy findings.
The African-American community was outraged by the insufficient investigation of Kayla. Despite the history of child abduction, the connection failed to be acknowledged. During the past seven years, six children were discovered “missing” from their bedrooms, subsequent to their bodies being found in wooded areas. The lack of interest by the reporting officer resulted in him leaving without documenting the incident. His duties were not sufficiently fulfilled, which will prompt further investigation.

Evidence Handling

The victim’s autopsy was poorly conducted. Sexual assault suspensions were dismissed by visible small puncture type wounds on the backside of Kayla’s right thigh. Even though this may have contributed to her death, the concluded cause of death was premature. Exhumation of the corpse could potentially lead to unresolved answers.

Identified Suspect

In connection with the missing children, a suspect was identified. Following through with the information will provide justice to the families. Investigating the accusations of Officer Iozzi will require probable cause that he committed a crime. Officer Iozzi is protected by the Fourth Amendment, which restricts the issuance of warrants without probable cause. The use of a subpoena for officers who are aware of Iozzi’s actions will mandate public information to be brought forth. (Standards on Prosecutorial Investigation,n.d)

Lack of Minority Reporting

Minorities are deprived of constitutional rights as evidently by the blatant dismissal of complaints. Many Hispanic residents are reluctant to seek aid due to possible deportation. Immigrants are likely to become victimized by street crimes because of their lack of citizenship. a white city councilman stated, “I couldn’t care less wh





After analyzing the Courtelaney Pass situational report, I have decided to assume the role of Captain of Investigations.  There are numerous issues in the report that can be suspected to be linked to the rise in criminal activity in Courtelaney pass. As part of the investigatory role, it is critical to outline the reasons why something has happened to reduce the risk of such events happening again. The community of Courtelaney Pass is plagued by racism, drugs, and poor investigatory as well law enforcement tactics. As acting investigator over this situational report, I would like to announce these six issues based upon my findings:

Drug Activity and Police Tactics

One of the most notable problems involving Courtelaney Pass is the large number of drug related crimes and the tactics the officers of Courtelaney Pass operate with. The “crackdown” with law enforcement efforts to reduce crime may have enticed customers to willingly purchase drugs from them possibly being associated with entrapment. The events following the shooting including the rioting, damage to businesses and individuals stemmed from the biased and racial actions from the law enforcement agency. The views and actions of law enforcement officers acting unethically suggest that this is a social behavior among groups or members of an agency and can be expressed in various patterns or behaviors (Punch, 2000).

Illegal immigrants and undocumented crime

My second issue regards the illegal migrant workers in Courtelaney Pass and the criminal activity that they are not protected from. The lack of protection for immigrant related crime is linked to biased feelings directed towards those communities is unethical in proper police procedure. Regardless of immigration status or fears of deportation, it is the duty of law enforcement to protect individuals from targeted crime and the duty of the public to support their mission. The objection to the sergeant from the white council man further confirms the racially divided community in Courtelaney Pass. Studies conducted at the University of Wisconsin, concluded that the rise of illegal immigrants did not rise the rates of crimes despite the stigma associated crime and illegal immigrants (Light & Miller, 2018).


Racially enforced speed traps

The third issue that I noticed from the report was the use of speed traps in Courtelaney Pass to ticket unexpecting motorist due to an immediate drop of the speed limit within a fifty-yard stretch of highway. My first concern with the speed trap issue is whether the portion of highway in which the officers utilize for their enforcement efforts has been justified by a traffic survey within the last five years. My other concern is with the admission of several officers that h


Town of RIGHT HERE VERMONT, December 2011

A situation report is an effective tool to inform citizens and management of issues in order to
foster forward progress. It is not intended to place fault, blame or guilt. A Situation Report is
not an audit; the report gathers information in order to identify issues relevant to the questions
presented. Ultimately, it is the stakeholders of the entity’s responsibility to address the issues.
This report is a tool to improve effectiveness and efficiency. “If we improve government
performance we will improve the lives of Vermonters.”

– State Auditor Thomas M. Salmon, CPA

The Event: On August 28, 2011, tropical storm Irene hit Vermont causing severe flooding and
extensive damage. Damage to roads, bridges and property in our town consisted of:

1. Roads – including culverts:
3.2 miles of route 3A was partially washed away with a 200-yard section completely
washed out when the culvert was blocked and the stream backed-up and then broke free.

2. Bridges:
The supports under both sides of the bridge over North Creek on Main Street were
partially washed out threatening the stability of the bridge. The road is closed until the
damage can be assessed.

3. Homes and other structures:
Three homes along North Creek were severely damaged by the flood waters – estimated
damage is approximately $900,000.

4. Injuries:
Two town office employees were slightly injured while moving the town records from
the basement to the second floor of the town offices.

5. Other:
The car of one of the office staff was washed away while she was moving town records
from the basement to the second floor. Also, the flood waters washed away
approximately 10 tons of salt and 20 tons of sand from the town garage complex.

The Current Situation:
1. Financial:

We estimated a short-term need for $200,000 to make emergency repairs to the road and
the bridge to insure the safety of our citizens. Willy’s Bank gave us a $200,000 six-month
loan at 3% to cover our current needs. We expect much of the repairs will be covered by
FEMA assistance. The paperwork requesting FEMA assistance was submitted on
September 4. We are assessing our longer term cash needs at present and plan to submit a
plan for approval by Town Meeting Day.

2. Material:

We have purchased over 150 tons of boulders and rock of various sizes to repair the road
bed. A new 4-foot culvert was purchased to replace the damaged one under the washed
out section of road 3A. Reinforcement work under the bridge is in progress with
considerable amounts of concrete being used. Total material costs may exceed $100,000.

3. Manpower:

The town received many volunteer hours in the recovery effort, however we had to hire
contractor to handle the major portion of the repair effort. We have no good estimate of
manpower costs at present.

4. Planning and manageme

After carefully reading and studying the complete situational report, contemplate which of the three roles/tracks you wish to assume for your term project.

In this module, you have reviewed a great example of an issues paper. Now you are to construct one based upon at least six issues that you have identified from the situational report. You will be attacking these issues from the position of an attorney, a police administrator, or a criminal investigator, so choose issues wherein your chosen discipline will be required. For instance, the criminal investigator would not choose to deal with the legality of an alleged speed trap or intersection cameras. Also, in your issues paper, address the type of research (library, Lexus-Nexus, other online sources, textbooks, etc.) you plan to undertake to inform your positions.
Your job is to make sure that your readers see EACH of your minimum of six issues very clearly and they do NOT have to fish or look for each issue. Identify one, why is it an issue? Explain? Did you identify it clearly? How did you make it clear so your readers have no problems knowing it’s an issue? Did you use subtitle? Paragraph? See PART TWO SAMPLE ATTACHMENT.
Be sure to discuss EACH pertinent issue you select in a separate paragraph … or number each or use a subtitle for each issue BUT YOU MUST NOT LET YOUR READERS GET CONFUSED BY NOT KNOWING WHERE ONE ISSUE STARTS AND WHERE IT ENDS …. Please see the samples. Discuss clearly why each issue you select is an issue. Then after you do this for one issue, you then select another issue and be sure to identify (at least six).
You must cite at least one source in this issues identification assignment (must cite at least one source in EACH assignment in this class)…. Why is any particular circumstance an issue or a problem? What makes that issue a problem? Has it been held to be a problem/concern in the literature or in a court case? Does it sound to you to be an issue the government needs to respond to? Is quota ticket an issue? Why? To what an extent? ….

All you are doing NOW is selecting the issues and why they are issues. You are not necessarily solving the issues at this time.

Of course, please do not forget to give your work a TITLE.

As stated in several of our major requirements, please note that you must support your work at all times even when the instructions do not explicitly state so. If you fail or neglect to support your work (cite your sources), some of your readers may think that you are speculating or guessing. Please note carefully:

You do not want your readers to think that you are speculating or guessing. When you identify an issue, why is it an issue? Have any of the six or so issues you identified been dealt with in the literature? Can you cite any case law, any studies? Also, can you relate it to any vivid or contemporary event in the real world? Any prior studies dealing with police traffic ticket or any of the actions of the other two major actors? Citi


Saint Leo University

CRM 499
Senior Seminar in Criminology

Course Description:
This capstone course is designed to synthesize the information and insights from the other courses in the
Criminology curriculum. It includes computer-based research in crime trends and causes; a research project that
evaluates criminal justice policy-making, leadership, legal issues, administrative functions, investigative tactics,
and civic engagement; and an assessment of each senior criminology major’s knowledge level through the
administration of a nationally based criminology achievement examination.

POL 123 and CRM 220
Senior standing in Criminal Justice

American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th

ed.). Washington, DC: Author. ISBN-13: 978-1-4338-0561-5

Learning Outcomes:
Specific objectives are:

1. Criminal justice information gathering and analysis: The student must demonstrate the ability to use
the library, to network, and to conduct computer-based research to gather sufficient information to
successfully complete a capstone criminal justice related project.

2. Project Organization and Presentation: The student must demonstrate the ability to organize and

present a coherent public administration, community service, and policy-making initiative. This
outcome connects with the Core Value of Community.

3. Core Curriculum: The student must demonstrate a mastery of the essential content of the Criminology

core curriculum.

4. Theoretical Integration and Application: The student must demonstrate the ability to integrate

theoretical knowledge with concrete information and to apply the strategies that result to the
evaluation and presentation of criminal justice related initiatives.

Core Value:
Community: Saint Leo University develops hospitable Christian learning communities everywhere we serve. We
foster a spirit of belonging, unity, and interdependence based on mutual trust and respect to create socially
responsible environments that challenge all of us to listen, to learn, to change, and to serve.

Grades will be computed on the following basis:

Item Points Each



Identification of Research and Investigative
Issues and Questions 100 100 5% 5%

Annotated Bibliography 100 100 10% 10%
Literature Review 100 100 15% 15%
Discussion (8) 100 800 2% 16%
Preliminary Report – Executive Summary 100 100 24% 24%
Formal Presentation 100 100 30% 30%


The discussions involve each student responding to a question or prompt posted by the instructor no later than
Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of each module. Additionally, each student will respond in a collegial manner to at
least two other classmates’ initial responses no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

Identification of Research and Investigative Issues and Question

Saint Leo University
CRM 499

Term Project/Situational Report

Courtelaney Pass is a mid-sized municipality in the Southeastern United States. It has a
population of 80,000 residents made up of: 55% white, 38% black, and 7% Hispanic. The
primary industry is agricultural and industrial with the unemployment rate at 8.7%. By national
standards the city would be considered “blue collar” with a median household income of
$38,000. The school system remains troubled as the drop-out rate is high and, other than the
elementary schools, the middle and high schools have perpetual “D” ratings. There is a great
deal of “southern pride” evident in this community as confederate flags are frequently flown and
unfortunately, the fledgling local KKK is attempting to revitalize itself.

Two out of the five city council members are considered “good old boys” that are satisfied with
the status quo and are apathetic towards the civil unrest that has been percolating in the black
community. Within the past twelve months there have been protests in the black community that
have steadily been growing. Those residents complain that policing is biased against them and
that unnecessary and excessive force is commonplace; especially amongst young black males.
Due to recent nationwide events surrounding similar claims, the national media is paying
particular attention to Courtelaney Pass.

The police department is appropriately sized to police this jurisdiction. The chief is a 42-year-old
white male who has been with the department for twenty years working his way up the ranks.
He has no college degree but is working towards it via on-line classes. The demographics of the
agency do not mirror the community as 94% of the department is white. The only minorities in
the agency work in non-sworn support roles. The chief claims that he is attempting to attract
minority applicants but the majority of those interested cannot pass the entrance exam. He
claims that those who can pass end up going to work for the state police instead where the
salary is $12,000 per year more.

Questionable Enforcement Tactics?

There are eight major intersections in Courtelaney Pass (CP) and each is equipped with
intersection cameras. As municipalities that employ such devices share the revenue from fines
with the manufacturer, the city averages $2.1 million dollars per year in revenue from these
fines. The constitutionality of this practice is highly debated and public support is low according
to recent surveys. A local “action group” has filed a lawsuit against the city in an attempt to
remove these cameras; this lawsuit is pending a court date. A recent study conducted by a local
CP reporter indicated that per capita, the revenue generated for the city is twice as high as any
similarly situated city in the state that utilizes these cameras. The reporter also alluded to the
fact (not substantiated yet) that black residents are twice as likely as whites to b

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