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Reflection Two

******Topic: Freedom and American Identity*****
Rationale: No idea is more fundamental to American sense of self than freedom.  To the United States, freedom and liberty are interchangeable and seemingly universal. However, that is misleading.  Freedom is not fixed or a lone definition; rather, it is an ideal as well as a reality. It also defines American identity as a collective and as individual groups within the country.

******Question: Evaluate the American women’s rights movement in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. What was the extent to which the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which guaranteed women the right to vote, marked a turning point in United States women’s history? How have subsequent efforts in the last fifty years advanced the movement? Explain your argument.**********

You are required to use at least TWO different documents to provide your argument for this question. You may use outside documents for your argument. Your response will be uploaded through SafeAssign in eCampus to check for plagiarism. Any portion of your response that does not follow the directions and guidelines regarding writing, grammar, mechanics, plagiarism, or fails to answer the question will result in a zero for this portion of your exam.
Your response should be a minimum of 650 words, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and no other heading than your first and last name. Remember, all papers are uploaded in DOC format. No other format will be accepted.
You are required to cite all quotes and sources in MLA format. This does not count toward your minimum total length. These citations need to be included in the text and in a works cited sheet (which is a separate sheet at the end of your response). If you do not know how to craft a works cited page, please visit the Brookhaven library. Noodle Tools is available for you to use via the library website.
Please understand that you are required to answer the questions asked. This includes college level writing and editing. There should be no first person anywhere in your response, as you were not there to witness these events.
If you have questions, ASK before the night it is due. I am available to assist you, and the history tutors are available to assist you. Do not wait until it is too late to attempt completion.
Document Options:
Proceedings of the Trial of Susan B. Anthony (1873)


Mueller v. Oregon (1908)


Nineteenth Amendment (1920)


Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race (1920)


A Word to the Wives (1955)


Verma 1
Abhishek Verma
History 1302-22701
February 15, 2022

The native Americans and the white Americans had a tainted relationship from their early years. Initially, the native Americans had lived in peace, tilling their lands, and keeping their animals peacefully until new settlers who had whiter skin color emerged from the sea. These new settlers came with the critical mission of conquering this new land for their mother countries while at the same time establishing their homes there. However, the major problem arose with how these white settlers would live together with the land’s original owners- the native Americans. First, the problem emerged because the white settlers soon wanted to take all the fertile lands, displacing their hosts. Second, the Europeans came with certain aspects of cultural attributes that were foreign, such as religious practices. Third, the Europeans appeared to have brought a broad array of afflictions in the form of diseases that plagued the native Americans. Amid all these troubles, the dynamics of American society underwent immense changes. For example, the country attained self-rule from the British crown, and it became apparent that the native Americans had to be integrated into the entire American population. This integration on religion, work, and even governance effectively achieved this fete, which felt that the native Americans had to be fully assimilated into the new cultural dimensions. One of these cultural assimilation strategies was formulated by Captain Richard H. Pratt, who designed the slogan “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man.”
The slogan “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man” was colloquially coined to assimilate native Americans into accepting the “modern” education system. The term killing does not mean physical action but ensures that native Indians lose their hard stance towards their cultural attributes (Pratt). This aspect was after it emerged that it would be difficult to make them conform to the new official requirements owing to their substantial conformity with their traditions. The first step to assimilating native Americans was to go through the stipulated education system that the government provided. It was perceived as a matter of great national interest to mingle the Indians with white Americans to ensure that the country grew steadfast through an inclusion system of governance.
Education was the first mode of killing the Indians among the native Americans. After Pratts’s declaration, the government embarked on a mission to enroll many native American young people into boarding schools (Little, 12). An example of these boarding schools was the Carlisle industrial schools established in 1879 and ran up to the onset of the 20th century. It would be easier for them to see sense in some government acts and grow up to appreciate and support certain aspects of the government’s decision through education. For example, native American students were forbi

Lynx Allen Comment by Allen, Jennifer: Please be sure to use the proper font and heading as per MLA guidelines.
Also, use the header space to insert page numbers and last name (MLA guidelines)
Dr. Allen
HIST 1302
14 February 2022

Reflection One Comment by Allen, Jennifer: The title is centered.

: What does it mean to “kill the Indian” and “save the man”? How does that statement reflect US policy towards American Indian populations from 1860-1890, and what parallels can you draw between the treatment of Native Americans at the time and race relations today? Comment by Allen, Jennifer: The prompt is restated, according to the directions.
Word Count: 798 Comment by Allen, Jennifer: The word count ONLY includes the actual words of the reflection – the heading, title, and works cited are NOT included!
The American government’s relationship with Native American tribes has been complicated from the beginning of the republic. Once the United States won its independence from Great Britain, the Treaty of Paris (1787) made no mention of relationship parameters with Native Americans and the new nation. Regardless of the past, the new nation could treaty with the tribes or take land by force. Moreover, tribal law was murky insofar as the leader’s ability to sign official agreements with foreign governments. Ultimately, “treaty-making ended as a whole in 1871, when Congress ceased to recognize the tribes as entities capable of making treaties” (National Geographic). Comment by Allen, Jennifer: Please note this paper is left-justified. The paper is NOT centered. Only the title and the “works cited” words are centered. This is important, so follow the rules. Comment by Allen, Jennifer: In text citations for anything quoted. And notice the quotes are integrated with the paragraph. Quotes should NEVER be standalone sentences.
Confusing and oft ignored policymaking between the United States and Native Americans culminated in the late nineteenth century as Anglo citizens pushed westward in search of land and new lifestyles. The post-Civil War era provided the United States with the opportunity to assimilate Native Americans into Anglo culture, and the easiest way to accomplish this task was through Indian boarding schools. As Captain Richard H. Pratt discussed in his speech, the goal was to “kill the Indian in him and save the man” (Pratt). Instead of physically killing anyone of Native American descent, Pratt posited efforts should be undertaken to remove the person’s Indianness and make them more culturally Anglo. As a former Civil War soldier in the Union Army, Pratt founded the Carlisle Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1879, where he ran it until he retired in 1904 (Johnson 120). The concept of the Carlisle Indian School was to “transfer the savage-born infant to the surroundings of civilization,” with the result being that the students will be filled “with the spirit of loyalty to the stars and stripes” (Pratt), because

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