MAN 4322
Spring 2018

MS Access Project Instructions

Please note the MS Access only works on Windows machines. You will need access to a machine with

Microsoft Office installed and will use both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Helpful video to get you started on how to import Excel data into MS Access.

1. Download the three files provided in Canvas.

Ethnic_info.xls, personal_data.xls and phone_info.xls

2. Create a new MS Access Database. Name the database “PID_msproject” where “PID” is your

PantherID. If your PID is 1234567 then the database name will be “1234567_msproject”.

3. Import the three files into MS Access and name the tables the same names as the file names.

Validate that each emplid key is of type “Short Text”.

You do that by right clicking on the table and selecting “Design View

Then checking on the Data Type as shown below.

4. Create the following queries:

a. Query_Ethnic_Info ( Join personal_data with ethnic_info – Inner Join)

b. Query_Phone_Info ( Join personal_data with phone_info – Inner Join)

c. Query_All_EE_Phone_Info ( Join personal_data with phone_info – Outer Join)

Useful video on how to do an inner join and outer join.

At this point you show have the following in your database:

5. Export Queries to Excel.

Questions to answer
How to create a Pivot Table

1. How many tables did you import?

2. How many records for each table? (i.e. Table name and number of rows)

3. How many rows for Query_ethnic_Info?

4. How many rows for Query_phone_Info?

5. How many rows for Query_All_EE_Phone_Info?

6. Using the Query_Ethnic_Info excel spreadsheet create a Pivot Table with Sex as a Row and

Count of Emplid as Sigma Values to answer the following:

a. How many Females?

b. How many Males?

c. How many Unspecified?

7. Using the Query_Ethnic_Info excel spreadsheet create a Pivot Table with City as a Row, Sex as

Columns and Count of Emplid as Sigma Values to answer the following:

a. How many Employees live in Miami?

b. How many are female?

c. How many are male?

8. Using the Query_Phone_Info excel spreadsheet create a Pivot Table with Phone_Type as a Row

and Count of Emplid as Sigma Values to answer the following:

a. What are the top three Phone Types?

b. How many Home numbers are there?

c. What is the second largest City for Phone_Type that equal HOME?

i. (Hint: Need to use Filters)

d. How many Home numbers do we have for that City?

9. Using the Query_All_EE_Phone_Info excel spreadsheet create a Pivot Table with a Filter using

only Area_Code (305, 786 and 954) with Sex as a Row, Phone_Type as a Column and answer the


a. How many Home nu

Sheet 1


phghggg BLACK Black/African American

jighggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mighggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ijghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

njghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

gkghggg WHITE White

klghggg WHITE White

gmghggg WHITE White

imghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

nmghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

pmghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

inghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mnghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

loghggg WHITE White

moghggg WHITE White

poghggg WHITE White

kpghggg WHITE White

lpghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

npghggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

lghhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mghhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

nghhggg BLACK Black/African American

hhhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

jhhhggg WHITE White

khhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ohhhggg ASIAN Asian

ojhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

hlhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ilhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

klhhggg WHITE White

nlhhggg WHITE White

hmhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mmhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

hnhhggg WHITE White

jnhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

lnhhggg WHITE White

mnhhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

pnhhggg WHITE White

kphhggg WHITE White

pphhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ggihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

hgihggg BLACK Black/African American

jgihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

kgihggg BLACK Black/African American

mgihggg WHITE White

ogihggg WHITE White

ihihggg WHITE White

jhihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

lhihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

nhihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

hiihggg ASIAN Asian

liihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

miihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ojihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

jkihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mkihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

gmihggg ASIAN Asian

imihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

jmihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

pmihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

knihggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ggjhggg BLACK Black/African American

jgjhggg WHITE White

gijhggg WHITE White

lijhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ljjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

gkjhggg BLACK Black/African American

jkjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

okjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

gmjhggg WHITE White

pmjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

gnjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

hnjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

jnjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

lnjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mnjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

nnjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

kojhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

lojhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mojhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

nojhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

oojhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

npjhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

opjhggg ASIAN Asian

ppjhggg WHITE White

hgkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

kgkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

lgkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mgkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ngkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ogkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

pgkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ghkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

hhkhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

ihkhggg WHITE White

likhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

mikhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

nikhggg BLACK Black/African American

oikhggg HISPA Hispanic/Latino

Sheet 1


pkjhnmi da58zwC MIAMI DADE USA CUTLER BAY FL 33189 F M

giklghg .zJ z5aa1M VOLUSIA USA ORMOND BEACH FL 32174 M S


iomjhkh ywb5L BROWARD USA MIRAMAR FL 33025 F S

nnmgglh daa9G DADE USA MIAMI FL 33177 F S

jjngglh d693a5D DADE USA HIALEAH GARDEN FL 33018 F S

nnjhglh f56c9cz5H f56c9cz5H BROW USA FT LAUDERDALE FL 33311 F S

pnhjoii y9w356dzz9C MIAMI DADE USA HIALEAH FL 33012 F S

jighggg f5z9wS MIAMI DADE USA MIAMI FL 33185 M S

mpmkgmi fwzC 9L 5D MIAMI DADE USA MIAMI FL 33165 F S

njilhgh 5a5271M 5D MIAMI DADE USA MIAMI FL 33185 F S

gkjgoih d6z9P DADE USA MIAMI FL 33135 M M

lolgoih 917z9G DADE USA MIAMI FL 33150 F S

nhngoih f5z5P DADE USA HIALEAH FL 33012 F M

iojgngh t1aA DADE USA MIRAMAR FL 33027 F S

inngngh 189cdB DADE USA MIAMI FL 33196 M S

pojnlmi a58z9eS MIAMI DADE USA DAVENPORT IA 52804 F S

ggloiki y5z9v1aO ORANGE USA ORLANDO FL 34743 F S


gkioloi 51fc5K7M BROWARD USA TAMARAC FL 33321 F S

hjgikhh z5bz9F DADE USA MIAMI FL 33156 M M

nghikhh 54a97x5M DADE USA MIAMI FL 33155 M S

jpkikhh f5edL DADE USA MIAMI FL 33186 F S

mhojkhh z98dL BROW USA PLANTATION FL 33324 F M

gmikkhh f5w31z6dR DADE USA MEDLEY FL 33166 F M

jjmjnkh y5c9a1M DADE USA MIAMI FL 33177 F S

lgphpjh d3z9b9C BROWARD USA DAVIE FL 33328 F S

ijmomlh z527x5aF DADE USA NORTH MIAMI FL 33181 F S

hipighg xx5yydzC MIAMI DADE USA NORTH MIAMI FL 33160 F S

jgjlgjh f5c1xz9M 935xzO DADE USA MIAMI FL 33182 M M

gmolgjh 5zwD BROW USA PLANTATION FL 33322 F S

hnkgnjh 93c5M DADE USA AVENTURA FL 33160 F S

nolgnjh y9ad71N c9S DADE USA MIAMI FL 33165 F S

gjghnjh 9fda9c5P DADE USA MIAMI FL 33173 M S

mophjih 905aa9C f5edL DADE USA MIAMI FL 33156 M M

njiijih -ddC DADE USA MIAMI FL 33155 F S

ipkijih wW USA SAN JOSE CA 95132 M M

pjloiji yc1aa1B BREVARD USA PALM BAY FL 32909 F S

kjkhjjh dz9B MIAMI DADE USA MIAMI FL 33015 F M

pkpgnmh 1yd-dT MIAMI DADE USA MIAMI FL 33172 F S

poihhih c93dH PALM USA LAKE WORTH FL 33467 M M

nljhhih 9xzO DADE USA MIAMI SPRINGS FL 33166 M H

pokhhih cdyz56cA DADE USA MIAMI FL 33150 F S

lhnhhih y1da9V DADE USA MIAMI FL 33182 F S

migihih f91D DADE USA MIAMI FL 33144 F S

jmgjmii 5c1C DADE USA MIAMI FL 33179 F S

jnhjmii fx59u9L DADE USA MIAMI FL 33138 F S

mnhjmii s5aydM DADE USA MIAMI FL 33189 M S

jlkpijh 9c165M DADE USA MIAMI FL 33174 M S

joopijh 3c1K DADE USA MIAMI FL 33186 M M

ihggjjh f5a9fcdG DADE USA MIAMI FL 33184 F M

nolgjjh z92-z9-52S DADE USA MIAMI FL 33125 F M

hjghogh fdcwM DADE USA MIAMI FL 33155 F S

mpghogh 9z5z89C DADE USA MIAMI FL 33196 F S

khplnli d8da9aa1V DADE USA MIAMI FL 33193 M M

njpmnli 935xzO DADE USA MIAMI FL 33175 M S

jomnnli 8bd7x12W NFLA USA ANNAPOLIS MD 21403 M M

momnnli 5x19u2x9zB DADE USA MIAMI FL 33174 M S

jkpglph 1w35xy5zA d05czdC MIAMI DADE USA MIAMI FL 33172 F M


Sheet 1


gjpkglh HOME 786

gjpkglh BUSN 305

hjpkglh HOME 954

hjpkglh BUSN 305

imjlglh HOME 305

imjlglh BUSN 305

khnlglh BUSN 305

onhmglh HOME 954

onhmglh BUSN 305

mlgnglh HOME 305

mlgnglh BUSN 305

hiomkhh HOME 305

hiomkhh BUSN 305

gjgojjh HOME 305

gjgojjh CELL 305

lghhhki CELL 786

hkinkmi HOME 305

hkinkmi BUSN 305

hkinkmi CELL 786

mnmoipi BUSN 305

mnmoipi CELL 786

kjmjghg HOME 305

ommggli HOME 440

ommggli CELL 440

oipoghg CELL 604

mpmloih HOME 305

mpmloih CELL 305

oknjpii HOME 305

mpgomjh CELL 305

nlpoghg CELL 301

mommplj HOME 404

oglkppi HOME 305

oglkppi CELL 305

lhmoglh HOME 305

kmmihkh CELL 305

lhgpghg CELL 305

kilpgmi HOME 305

hpkliih HOME 305

hpkliih CELL 786

hpkliih BUSN 305

nnjiggg HOME 305

kgiiiih HOME 305

kgiiiih BUSN 305

npjiiih HOME 305

npjiiih BUSN 305

nipiiih HOME 954

nipiiih BUSN 305

koioigh HOME 305

koioigh BUSN 305

iljoigh HOME 561

iljoigh BUSN 305

ngmpnjh HOME 305

ngmpnjh CELL 305

koggojh HOME 305

koggojh BUSN 305

khkpkji HOME 305

khkpkji BUSN 305

jogngii HOME 954

jogngii CELL 954

jogngii BUSN 305

pkkilji HOME 786

pkkilji BUSN 305

gipkpji HOME 305

nlgnpji HOME 954

nlgnpji CELL 954

nlgnpji BUSN 305

onnjgjh HOME 305

lohgmgi HOME 305

nkjhghg HOME 305

ignikli HOME 305

pnnikli HOME 754

pnnikli BUSN 305

lojghjh HOME 305

lojghjh BUSN 305

oplghjh HOME 305

ogigghi HOME 786

ogigghi CELL 786

ogpiipi HOME 352

ogpiipi BUSN 305

ogpiipi CELL 352

nolopgh HOME 954

nolopgh BUSN 305

nolopgh CELL 202

hkignli CELL 305

kipmjhh HOME 305

kipmjhh BUSN 305

njhnjhh HOME 954

njhnjhh BUSN 305

imngkih HOME 786

imngkih BUSN 305

hkipghg HOME 305

hkipghg CELL 305

jlipghg CELL 305

jpomoki CELL 305

hommjki HOME 239

hommjki CELL 786

ppgipnj HOME 305

ppgipnj CELL 305

inipghg HOME 847

inipghg BUSN 305

hjjmjgj CELL 786

lpipghg HOME 917

kmnkkgi CELL 469

gmjkkmi CELL 954

kkojnpi CELL 786

jpnoohj HOME 305

jpnoohj CELL 786

lpmoohj HOME 786

jlhlpjj HOME 786

gjignli HOME 305

nhiimmh HOME 954

nhiimmh CELL 786

olognlh HOME 954

linlmmh HOME 954

linlmmh CELL 954

phijgjh HOME 305

phijgjh BUSN 305

kkljgjh HOME 954

kkljgjh BUSN 305

khophlh HOME 305

khophlh BUSN 305

jppgilh HOME 305

jppgilh BUSN 305

hoghilh HOME 305

hoghilh BUSN 305

olmgoih HOME 305

jgljjji HOME 813

goknpgi HOME 305

kknlggj HOME 505

gjoinoi HOME 305

nnhnnli CELL 786

mnnighg HOME 305

mnnighg CELL 305

jigllgi HOME 305

jigllgi BUSN 305

hiojghg HOME 954

hiojghg CELL 954

ikoonmh CELL 305

ikoonmh BUSN 305

hhphjkh HOME 561

pnihnih HOME 305

gogigkj HOME 608

hplphjh HOME 305

hplphjh CELL 305

kojlggj CELL 717

jihlipi HOME 954

jihlipi CELL 954

mgiihgj HOME 757

mggnmlh HOME 954

mggnmlh BUSN 305

ngojngi HOME 786

mjjnlmi HOME 305

hnppljh HOME 786

hnppljh BUSN 305

hnhlhph HOME 305

jnlhghg HOME

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